Six questions à Douglass Fake (Intrada)

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Conscient que l’article sur la bande originale de Jaws 3-D en CD sortie chez Intrada ne répondait pas à toutes vos interrogations, je me suis permis de contacter son président afin qu’il puisse nous éclairer un peu plus sur cette référence désormais épuisée. L’ honorable Douglass Fake a donc pris quelques minutes de son précieux temps pour revenir sur cette bande-originale qui se doit d’appartenir à toute bonne collection qui se respecte.

1) Collectors like myself would like to know if there are any promotional copies of this album?
There were no promotional copies of this album.

2) The beautiful artwork contains 2 never before seen photos: a diver in the back cover, and the undersea kingdom in the booklet. Where did these photos come from?
Our photos come from the studio photo archives.

3) The shark in the back doesn’t appear in the movie. Every owner of the cd would like to know where it comes from, and don’t understand the cutting in its mouth. Could you enlighten us?
Have no idea about this shark question. That would be a question for the people who made the movie.

4) Have you released the ost to fulfill a commercial need, by contractual obligation, or just because you wanted to?
We always release CDs because we want to and hope they fill some commercial needs.

5) Does the music that we hear in the film (different than in the album) still exist? Is there any chance for Intrada to release it?
The only music we had rights to was what was on the original LP.

6) The music from Jaws The Revenge is one of the only likeable things in the movie. are you planning on releasing it?
We have no plans currently to release the soundtrack for JAWS THE REVENGE.

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