The Undersea Kingdom: Captain Sink (3/4)

Posted by | Posted in INFOS | Posted on 11-04-2011

Terminons provisoirement ce dossier relativement complet sur la trop discrète pieuvre de Jaws 3D en nous focalisant sur les souvenirs de Robert Skotak publiés dans le magazine FilmfaxRobert donnait quelques indices plutôt intéressants sur les séquences coupées au montage qui concernaient le capitaine Sink: « I had a hell of a time lining up every three-dimensional point of the miniature part cave to the live-action version of the same thing, upon which the octopus supposedly sat. Some of the 3-D geometry was extremely hard to replicate from the live-action because often far too few measurement were taken: they were virtually needed for dozens of points to make an accurate match. »

« I think I matched the octopus to the tunnel by using objects in the live-action set whose measurements I could find on blueprints or by counting floor titles visibles in the live action photography on the set- these titles usually one-foot squares- as an after-the fact measuring stick… A couple of these inside-tube angles were chosen so that tentacles came ‘at the camera with interesting 3-D depth perspective -not necessarily out of the screen, but toward the audience to add depht and create a threatening appearance. » Visiblement achevée, cette scène pourrait encore dormir sur les étagères des studios Universal (ou dans la cave d’ Alan Landsburg)… Mais vu le peu d’ engouement que suscite Jaws 3D de nos jours (toujours pas le moindre blu-ray annoncé, rappelons-le) , il ne faudra donc pas s’ attendre à la voir réapparaitre un jour… Pour visualiser l’ attraction sur le plan de l’ Undersea Kingdom, cliquez ici.

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