Le site devient JAWS-3D.COM

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Pensez à mettre à jour vos favoris et vos flux RSS et répandez rapidement la bonne nouvelle!!! JAWS-3D.COM est désormais en ligne !!! Merci à Jérome de Forgotten silver pour le visuel HD de la page d’accueil et à Toma (la tomate) pour toute la partie technique!


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  1. The saltwater lagoon of the ‘fictional’ Sea World of JAWS3D was actually a freshwater lake that was dug at the beginning of Sea World’s construction to provide earth to create the slopes of the stadiums. I was working at Sea World in 1976 when they premiered their first waterski show, « SuperHeroes ». The closing scene of JAWS3D with the dolphins chattering was superimposed – the lake was too filthy for the health of the dolphins which would cause them to risk getting infections.

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