Mike Schultz nous parle de ses projets (1/4)

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L’année 2012 sera assurément un grand cru pour les fans de Jaws 3D… Pour la première fois en près de 30 ans, les collectionneurs pourront mettre la main sur une réplique de la star du film aux dimensions de rêves! L’homme derrière ce fantastique projet? Le très réputé Mike Schultz à qui on doit déjà le désormais épuisé NTT (nose to tail). Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, nous allons suivre de près toutes les étapes dans la conception de cette oeuvre d’art. De façon presque hebdomadaire, nous donnerons donc la parole à son créateur. Une occasion pour nos lecteurs de mieux cerner les détails qui font du Bruce III de Roy Arbogast le requin le plus abouti de la saga.

Could you describe your activities and projects that you have for 2012?
« Yes, I love to talk about our Sharks. 2012 is going to be our most impressive year ever. It is almost like my family has been ‘in training’ for the Olympics this year. Cathy, my wife works on the website www.sharkcityozark.com , and she keeps the books as well as building the miniature display stands and mechanical inserts for the 1/6 Bruce busts.
In like manor my girls Stef and Rae work on the videos and editing and music for our product videos as well as much of the mold-work. The boys and I run resin and sand seams etc. I am charged with the prototype making of course and do the final assembly, and all painting and detail work on each of the sharks that we ship out.

Well, all year we have been working our production-line like little ‘Shark-making Elves‘. It is almost like we all trained and honed our skills on the big 37 inch long Nose To Tail Bruce Sharks that sold out earlier in the year. The rest of the year we have spent filling the orders for the newer 18 inch long Open Sided Bruce NTT Sharks, and the HUGE 1/6 Bruce Shark Head Mounts. But next year we take it up several notches higher!

I have finally been freed up from the more time consuming chores on the production line such as casting each and every piece. Just for the NTT there were 9 molds! The Open Sided Shark requires 14 molds! I also have been freed up from having to clean-up each and every piece as well as primer painting them all. I essentially now just show up for the final assembly, airbrush work and fine detail paintings. The upgrade to our productivity is through the roof now as I am sure you all can see. What used to take me 2 weeks to put out just one NTT Shark, well, we are now shipping 4 NTT’s, 5 Bruce Busts and 3 to 7 OSS sharks each week, on average, and sometimes much more!

So this has left me with HUGE amounts of free time to study and make the Prototypes for 2012. In the last year I have been able to start, and or finish an amazing number of Prototypes. So far the HUGE 1/6 Brucette Shark Head Mount is over 55% completed. I also have a 37 inch NTT version of Brucette up on the rack, but it is to remain just for me I think.
I have 2 versions also of the ALL NEW Bruce NTT Shark 2.0 completed as well, one larger, one smaller. We also have a few versions of the Bruce 3D shark head sitting on the shelf; and admittedly very dusty. I have a Revenge Bruce head in the works, in scale for a future Nose to Tail or NTT model as well.

What we are doing for 2012 is The ALL NEW Ultimate Bruce NTT Collector’s Set.
Each quarter we will release an all new display of a Movie Shark!
Quarter 1 will be the release of the All New full Length Bruce Shark NTT model. It is based on the powerfully brand New version of Bruce before it ever was water tested. It is widely agreed that this is the favorite variation of Bruce almost unanimously. This is the Shark that Mr. Alves and Mr. Spielberg envisioned.
Once it hit the water they discovered those water-proof materials were more like plastic sponges. And the Bruce from the behind the scenes material was born; the saggy, baggy, wrinkled, torn and patched shark that Mr. Spielberg referred to as ‘the Turd’ is what the ocean did to Bruce.
Well, not so with The Ultimate Bruce NTT 2.0 coming in 2012!
Clean, sharp, tight, muscular lines define this Shark’s build. Based on direct feedback from over 500 fan emails and postings!

For the 2nd Quarter we will be releasing the Sequel’s Full Length Brucette NTT Shark . It will be to the same scale as all the other Ultimate Bruce NTT Sharks. Then finally in the 3rd quarter we will release the Bruce 3D NTT Shark and then end the year with the Revenge NTT Shark.
All the sharks will be in scale to each other and will ship out with free display stands and our signed SCO certificates of Authenticity that each of us worked on and puts our names too!
We have proven ourselves in the fan community for well over a year now. If we post that we are going to do it then we do it. We have honored every agreement, posting, contract and deal. We have always released ahead of schedule and we always ship out more than we advertise and riddle our Shark Displays with awesome little surprises. We take care of our customers too, as can be plainly seen on our Feedback page.

J’espère que vous êtes aussi excités que moi par ce projet! Au prochain article, je vous offrirai l’ un des premiers dessins préparatoires de Mike Schultz estampillés Jaws 3D! Restez connectés.


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