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N’ayant définitivement pas le temps de rédiger de nouveaux articles à propos de votre film préféré, je vous invite à continuer notre longue entrevue avec notre ami Mike Schultz. Une entrevue passionnante qui devrait vous faire patienter pendant quelques jours… Sachez que la majeure partie de mon temps est consacrée à la sortie de mon quatrième album: Faux Mouvement (dont vous pouvez écouter quelques extraits sur le site de Néophyte).

There are many different shark in Jaws 3D. Are you planning a synthesis of all these models, or you focus on one?
No, we are limiting our All New Full Length Bruce 3D NTT Shark to the actual full sized underwater filming model from the studio Tank. As you and your readers know, all the 3D sharks were pretty much night and day in difference from each other. The miniatures looked nothing like the full sized models.
To try and blend them into just one model would seriously diminish what the 3D Bruce really was.

I believe this was Mr. Nicotero’s expressed reasoning for the large Bruce Shark head that he built, and the mods that he performed on the NTT that I sold him. He stated to me that he felt that Bruce was Bruce and that he did not really care for the differences between the filming models to be pointed out.
However; his expressed preference was clearly for the Tow Sled Shark. The majority of the reference materials apparent in photos of them building it [the 1:1 head] feature mostly Sled-Shark materials.

There is nothing wrong with either approach. But we are making scale model replicas at SCO. And any scale model builder can tell you that they want a scale model to be accurate, not just something based on an artists feelings or limited by his/her skill or abilities. They want an F-16 Falcon based on real world measurements and study, not something artistically based like the G.I. Joe Toy F-16 down at ToysRus.

Those that have studied the shark’s from the first movie know that the sled shark uses a skin from the same generic Bruce molds, but stretched over an entirely different frame. Its eye cut-outs were very different, its jaw hung slack and it was framed very much fatter, especially around the neck area.
So Mr. Nicotero chose to make the shark’s more like a Sled Shark, but also appeared to have mixed in the ‘feel’ of the Platform Bruce’s as well in some areas. As you can tell by looking at his sharks, they indeed are very Bruce-Like. He does FANTASTIC work! But they are not like any one particular Bruce or scene from the movie. They are good, VERY good. Just not any one Bruce as recorded by history is, is all.

We don’t want to lose what we all grew up with, in an attempt to somehow conglomerate the Bruce 3D experience into one pseudo-shark. That is not recording history, this is not mathematically-accurate reproduction for future generations and the current generation of collectors.
We may be wrong about this, after all its only our opinion and how we approach things. But we want to be remembered for being the first people who provided what we said that we would provide the community. And that is, a mathematically accurate scale model of Bruce.

Specifically our original NTT Shark is as perfect a scale model of the Right-Sided Platform Bruce Shark from the movie’s 3rd act as has ever been made in 30 years. This is what we are delivering on for the Jaws 3D fans as well. Our All New Bruce 3D NTT Shark coming out 3rd Quarter of 2012 is going to also be the only mathematically perfect scale model ever made of the full-Scale underwater filming model of that Bruce 3. Now we are also going to model the Baby Bruce in scale, but that will only be available to those that purchase the entire set of 4 sharks. We love to include bonuses like this for those that are as over-the-top as we are. As if we needed to add any bonus material though. Literally nothing of any accurate styled value has ever been offered by anyone for the 30 years of this incredible Shark franchise. We have come along and not only finally delivered something worth collecting, but far more worth even double what people have paid for them. I base this on what my original NTT sharks are re-selling for currently, and this is double what I made them for and sold them for last year alone! Now that says something dramatic about the quality of my familie’s vision and work in this field and community!

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  1. so bruce is coming out summer of 2012.where can it be found and how much ?….thanks, johnny o’

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