Rob Hiaasen: Souvenirs de figurant

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cusstommexxCe n’est peut-être pas la meilleure séquence de Jaws 3D mais une chose est certaine: la mini-voiture de golf conduite par Dennis Quaid dans le film de Joe Alves aura marqué durablement les figurants présents le jour du tournage! Donc après les frères et soeurs Erin & Brandon (ici) et la jeune et jolie Julie Brown (ici les amis) voici Rob Hiaasen! Ne vous attendez quand même pas à de grosses révélations concernant le chef d’oeuvre d’ Alan Landsburg… Mais bon, c’est toujours mieux qu’un énième article sur les DVD zone 2 européens!

 » For reasons best left unexplored, I found myself in Orlando in 1983 and standing in line to work a week as a movie extra. I got $50 a day and free lunch. I got to leer at Bess Armstrong, who did not return my leers. I got to chat up Dennis Quaid in between “set-ups,” which is movie talk for waiting around for hours while stuff is set up then set up all over again and life’s precious moments tick away. During one set-up, Dennis and I discussed the craft of acting:
“How you doing?” I said.
“Good.” We both watched a man load a golf cart with popcorn for our scene.vlcsnap-2013-06-22-13h33m02s39
“So, do you like acting?” I said.
And Dennis said something I still think about every day.
“It beats tarring roofs.”
Then the camera rolled. All acting is reacting, as any extra knows. And my reaction to shark-spooked Mike Brody racing toward me in his popcorn-packed golf cart — mere seconds of screen time — is nothing short of somnambulant. In fact, I might have been sleep walking. It’s eerie to see yourself preserved on film from 30 years ago. I was reed thin. Had the Polo tucked in, for some reason. And my hair color was that of any Florida boy looking for summer work and without a clue what his own sequel would be. I just hoped it would beat tarring roofs. »

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