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bruce3Après plusieurs mois d’attente, voici enfin les premières photographies du Bruce III de Mike Schultz pour le compte de Shark City Ozark! Une merveille qui traversera, à coup sûr, l’Atlantique pour rejoindre ma collection… Vivement que je puisse rejouer des scènes de Jaws 3D dans ma salle de bain!!!

INTRODUCING our All New Ultimate Bruce Shark Collectors set Sequel Shark. We call her Bruce 3D or Big Mamma! Like the other Bruce Sharks in the Complete Collector’s set this 3D Bruce is also 25 inches long at 1/12 scale. She is posed relaxed and slowly cruising with her mouth slightly agape and her head turned to the left side facing. This is the lightly airbrushed prototype so there are several improvements for the final shipped collectibles. For example the upper gums will be a dirty white above the tooth-roots, just like in the film. Little neat details like that to be added and brought out better with paint details.

We’ve got all the screen-accurate details that we could find in her. She has slightly different eyes and barely off-center nostrils locations from side to side, and a bit of a reverse Elvis sneer, if that makes sense to anyone but me. She is the most organic looking of all the Sequel Sharks with many great looking angels and curves on her! Bruce 3D also has the most complex set of snout contours with a snout that looks slim from some angles and stout from others!


We have all these details replicated down to scale fractions of an inch. Her pectoral fins are blended to her body too, just like the film shark‘s. Her skin is riddled with detail and textures straight from the silver-screen and really lends believability to her actual 25 foot long filming scale. In later photos you will see more clearly her turned head pose and she really looks like a big [scale] rubber shark captured in motion!

There were many different sharks used to represent Bruce 3D on screen. For our shark we found inspiration only in the full-sized End-Scenes Shark that was caught in the water-pump and crashed the control room and terrorized the dolphins. We did not attempt to incorporate any of the other scale FX sharks such as the tiny animation model, nor the cable controlled model, nor the oversized head or mouth models since none of them looked in any way like each other or everyone’s favorite full-sized shark that attacks the control room. Since all the various sharks looked so different we chose the shark that everyone most recognizes.

Paint and detail customization’s will be up to each customer. We can paint lighter or darker, or cleaner or more gory. Maybe some will want the bang-stick wound on the snout-tip? Whatever little details customers want like this are no extra charge as long as we can clearly communicate together and agree on what can be done. These unique requests make these shark builds extra fun for me!


All of our sharks are made entirely by hand by my family and I in our working film FX studio located in Missouri, U.S.A. All these collector sharks are thickly roto-cast out of pure undiluted White Resin and cast almost solid being over a half-dozen layers thick! This technique is far superior to cheap brittle Polystone collectibles as these semi-rigid resins bend quite far before they could ever try to break!

They are also more dimensionally stable to ship and a lighter weight to handle and display. Many customers such as Cal Acord who worked with the first Jaws Sharks have their very own Shark City Ozark sharks displayed hanging from their ceilings like model airplanes! Although we do provide a free black-resin stand and we do offer many other stand options for those that want something different.

We still have some finishing touches and final details to work out, but this Ultimate Bruce 3D Shark Pre-Order date is set for October 15th, 2014. By then we will have all the final details and information worked out for release including prices and shipping dates. We are also reducing our build times, or backorder times all the way down from 90 days to only 15 to 30 business days on average since we have finished all of our film FX work contracts for the year!


We want this to be the best and most affordable sequel-shark that we have released so far and we have worked all year to help reach these goals! We also have Interest Free Flex Payment Plans and now offer some all New PayPal services such as PayPal Credit! For more details on the dozen different movie and real life sharks that we make and sell at please feel free to visit our site or email us from our site links or contact us through our Shark City Ozark Facebook page as well!

More details to come. And a great MANY thanks to Romain Neophyte for helping us since 2012 with tons of behind the scenes information and reference photos for this all new Bruce 3D build!

N’hésitez pas à faire un tour sur le site officiel histoire de remplir le carnet de commande de Mike! Pour ma part, je compte bien acquérir un modèle customisé avec sa blessure sur le museau (infligé par Philip FitzRoyce dans la pompe à filtration).

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  1. Ce qui aurais été topissime, c’est une figurine de Fitz Royce dans la gueule …Histoire d’avoir l’impact visuel à l’échelle humaine de la taille gigantesque de Bruce 3 !

  2. Hi guys check there new video’s of JAWS 3D from shark city Ozark

  3. Je suis prêt à l’acheter. Absolument génial!

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