Bruce III « SeaWorld Orlando » (bonus#3)

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Je le répète assez souvent: la moindre photographie floue de Bruce III prise au SeaWorld de Orlando nous rapproche de la vérité. Bon, c’est vrai qu’on va pas avancer des masses avec ces clichés-là. On utilise toujours la même technique: compter le nombre de dents, vérifier la peinture, le cadre… et s’assurer que le monstre a bien une queue. Pour la première, j’ai presque un doute… En tout cas, je continues à écumer le web et à récolter des témoignages qui nous aideront à faire la lumière. Fixons-nous une échéance.. 2023 pour les 40 ans du film? Trop optimiste…

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  1. I think the second photo is a different shark. The paint around the nostril is different, the head is down, there are no visible top gums. Look at how the left nostril is painted in the second and fourth photo. Completely different. Oddly enough, checking markings and fin shapes is the way to tell REAL white sharks apart.

  2. This is one of the strangest things about “Jaws 3D” as a result of so many various shark effects—it’s difficult to single one out to represent the rest. When I think of this movie, the shark I like most is the one they used in a tank that was only about a third of the shark, the one that chases FitzRoyce down the tunnel. (I think maybe that is the shark in the second photo?) I like that one because it could pull its lips back to reveal the gums at the top, something the earlier sharks did not do.

  3. Totally agree with you Joseph, This version of the shark is the most elegant one, and the most frightening

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